a Beginning

In the Beginning

Since 1972 there has been a push to expose the negative results of the Apollo space program. The reasons for its being, the existence of its deceit, the cost to humanity and the ongoing lie that separates us still, in vaults of darkness. Many lives were lost and many hearts broken. Nationalism, was the only constant and, both vaults vied for nationalistic and military supremacy. It is totally naive to believe that the space race what just two countries jockeying for the best position in this new technology. It is also equally naive to believe that everything we saw from 1969 to 1972 was fact, and that to believe otherwise was to be a trouble maker or a fool.

The fool is the believer in the quasi-religious faith of ‘free world’ supremacy in all things. If the government says something took place then who are we to discount that? Why should we not believe what our democratic governments tells us?  After-all, we are not a communist dictatorship, we live in a free society, therefore our government must be believed: right?  

That type of thinking leads to servitude. We can feel free and self-determined, however, we are being led by the nose-ring of our own ignorance. Any action that cannot be confirmed by logical analyses should not be taken as fact. If we cannot see absolute unbridled evidence then we should reject the claim(s). Watching a ghostly figure jump around and runabout in an eerie space, does not give absolute unconditional evidence that the event is taking place.

Equally, there was no live feed from Yuri Gagarin’s space flight and he parachuted out of the return module, something that beggars belief when looking at the design of the return module. No other cosmonaut did this (more on this later). People died during this Cold War. Not by projectiles or bomb blast, but by senselessly stupid corner cutting with no regard for safety and the life of astronauts or cosmonauts. There were deaths, casualties of war and their body bags were hidden from a comatose public by a vail of secrecy on both sides.

This library will discuss the Moon landings from a critical analytical perspective. Where I can, science will be used to examine claims and photographs.

I watched the Moon Landings live on television (skipping school for the day) like millions of others, here in Australia. Australia was to be involved with direct communications with the astronauts on the Moon. Everyone was hyper excited. Can the USA pull it off? Will they beat the commies? Would it be spectacularly amazing? Or would they miss the Moon and ‘float’ in space forever? All these questions were on the social lips of the ‘free world’. Herein we shall examine the major points that have given rise to the Moon landings Conspiracy.