DR. Karl’s Admiration


ABC Australia’s Doctor Karl Kruszelnicki, wrote an article condemning Moon Hoax conspiracies. One of his arguments for Man having landed on the Moon was the ‘fact’ that we have 382 kilograms of Moon rocks brought back from the Moon’s surface by the Apollo astronauts. He argues that it would be impossible to recreate a moon rock and that the dating methodologies used today were not invented in the 1960s, therefore how could NASA get the rocks to show their correct age.

The answers are as follows; 1. Moon samples were returned to earth by both the USSR and the USA from successful moon probe missions before Apollo 11. Therefore, both countries had the ability to manufacture moon rock samples. Remembering that NASA only supplies a few gains to any recognised scientific agency, there has never been an independent examination of the actual ‘ Moon’ rocks: only sample dust. 2. The dating process’ used today are only going to find rock elements that were known to exists in 1969 from the examination of the Moon meteorites found in Antarctica and the regolith samples returned by probes. These samples and meteorites would contain the crystal fragments that determine the age of rocks. Again, it is imperative that we remember that NASA only gives small gain samples not whole rocks. Therefore the illusion that the rocks are from the Apollo program can easily be maintained. Especially when scientist like Kruszelnicki fails so badly by not using knowledge that has been assessed by logic and not admiration.

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