Stars Stars and more Stars

NASA has released a time lapse video of the outer region of the Earth’s atmosphere showing a phenomenon called Airglow.

Bright swaths of red and green, known as airglow, are visible in this time-lapse view of Earth’s limb captured from the International Space Station. Airglow occurs when gases in the upper atmosphere become charged by the Sun’s radiation, emitting light. By measuring the light from airglow, ICON and GOLD will learn a lot about the neutral and charged particles in the upper atmosphere. Credits: NASA

However it is not the airglow that is striking in these time lapse images, it is the stars. Can’t see stars in space people say, well there they are. And if they can be photographed then they exist. So there is no reason why the Apollo astronauts could not see stars from the surface of the Moon.

The Hubble telescope also sees stars from Earth orbit, and Hubble is just a big mirror reflecting reality.

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