Flag Waving

Waving Moon Flag

The images below show the US flag ‘On the moon’.

Watch the complete con by MythBusters in the video below.

IFrameNow during that so called flag waving test, the mythbusters crew sold us a dummy. The guy that moves the control arm uses very little pressure when the chamber has an atmosphere and much more pressure when the chamber is in vacuum. Really they should be ashamed to show that.

It is a complete falsehood designed to be entertaining in a positive ‘we did it’ way. Producers of TV shows do not want the mainstream audience to turn off. It’s is all about money not science. A controlled scientific approach would yield far different (and correct) results. Furthermore, NASA has had a very large vacuum chamber since the mid 1960s. Something to think about.

The flag moved so much above that the astronaut had to hold it for a photoshoot.

Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11) and the moving flag.

In an article by abcnews, Buzz Aldrin is reported as saying that:

[ABCNews.go.com][Aldrin]It took both of us to set it up and it was nearly a public relations disaster,” he wrote, “a small telescoping arm was attached to the flagpole to keep the flag extended and perpendicular. As hard as we tried, the telescope wouldn’t fully extend. Thus the flag which should have been flat had its own permanent wave [Aldrin].” [http://abcnews.go.com]

The flag obviously waves. Was it momentum or air? Aldrin also states that the flag arm did not extend as expected and so the flag remained crumbled in a position imitating movement,. That may be so if the flag was made from a material like aluminum sheeting. However it is well known that the flags used in the Apollo program were everyday polyester flags. The crumpled top of the flag would remain if it wasn’t straightened, but the main sheet of the flag would have hung straight with some pletes coming down from the top. IOt would not have been crumbled into the shape we see. Only air movement could do that.

[Newton]An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force[Newton Sir Isaac].

That also means an object in motion will stay in motion until it is affected by a new force, such as an atmosphere or friction or an object. The flag if waving in an atmosphere it will continued to wave until the energy is consumed by the air itself and by the friction on the ropes and/or poles.

The flag in a vacuum will continue to wave until the friction of the flag’s main pole rubbing against the surface tube, that it sits inside of, and the friction from  top horizontal bar in contact with the flag, stops it.

NASA states that the Apollo 11 flag was moving because of Armstrong or Aldrin twisting the flag pole into the ground.  Now as we all know the flag pole was not twisted into the ground but slid into the ground tube which was previously hammered into the regolith. The friction from and movement of the flag would bring the flag to rest.

Only if the flag was under constant movement forces, such as an outside  breeze or the moving air from an air conditioner would it be seen to stay in motion.

A similar incident is when the tool bag on the MESA table, Apollo 16,  swings for a very long time even though the friction of the bags straps, rubbing against the  metal bar  it is attached to, should stop the momentum.  Even the astronauts themselves are worried that the bag is moving seemingly on its own but in reality is effected by an air conditioners breeze.

Apollo 16 Moving Tool Bag

[Youtube] At 7:24 check the moving tool bag. (good video) Originally uploaded by The MG TV Channel.


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