False Moon Tracks

1 thought on “False Moon Tracks

  1. The difficulty of this image is that it is taken in modern times from the Moon’s orbit by the LROC. This orbiting camera is only about 50 – 80 kilometers out from the Moon’s surface. There is no atmosphere to look through. All we can see are tiny tiny images of something.

    The LM descent module was ~5 meters wide on all sides. That gives a 25 square meter area as seen from orbit. The camera used by Google Earth, can almost read a numberplate from 600 + kilometers out from the Earth and see through a thick atmosphere.

    It is easy to see a cars parked in the streets of any city or town on Earth, yet we can’t see any detail of the descent modules of the LMs.

    Showing human boot prints is just not possible if we can’t see detail of the descent module. The boot prints would be just over 30 cms or 1 foot in length and the LM is 500 cms in width. So how is it possible to see a boot print and not the LM?

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