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  1. [Wikipedia][Astronaut] Conrad actually landed Intrepid 580 feet (177 m) short of “Pete’s Parking Lot”, because it looked rougher during final approach than anticipated, and was a little under 1,180 feet (360 m) from Surveyor 3, a distance that was chosen to eliminate the possibility of lunar dust (being kicked up by Intrepid’s descent engine during landing) from covering Surveyor 3. But the actual touchdown point–approximately 600 feet (183 m) from Surveyor 3–did cause high velocity sandblasting of the probe. It was later determined that the sandblasting removed more dust than it delivered onto the Surveyor, because the probe was covered by a thin layer that gave it a tan hue as observed by the astronauts, and every portion of the surface exposed to the direct sandblasting was lightened back toward the original white color through the removal of lunar dust [Wikipedia_Immer et al].

    NASA has always maintained that the LMs do not kick up clouds of dust and yet here we have an academic report stating that Apollo 12 LM sandblasted surveyor_3 from 180 meters away! That much power would have created a crater under all the LMs and swept the ground clean for 180 meters at 360 degrees.

    The Lunar Module in the background looks the size of a toy yet it is supposedly only 180 meters away. Take a look at a large truck from 180 meters and make up yopur own mind. Let us know.

    Immer, Christopher A.; Metzger, Philip; Hintze, Paul E.; et al. (February 2011). “Apollo 12 Lunar Module Exhaust Plume Impingement on Lunar Surveyor III”. Icarus. Amsterdam: Elsevier. 211 (2): 1089–1102. Bibcode:2011Icar..211.1089I. doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2010.11.013.

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