New Mission to the Moon

Moon to get 4G mobile network to stream HD video back to Earth*

Image Credit:PTScientists

Well the Moon is going to get a 4G network. Of sorts. [ABC]Vodafone, Nokia and carmaker Audi say they are working together to support a mission by Berlin-based company PTScientists to achieve the first privately-funded Moon landing[ABC]. Yes a German company wants to land two rovers on the surface of the Moon and scurry about at the Apollo 17 landing site. What? I was under the impression that NASA would kill anyone with its deathray who tried to get anywhere near an Apollo landing site. Apparently not so.

Here is the article: Moon Mission

Now why am I skeptical of this? Yes you may say that I am just skeptical about everything. Well that would be incorrect.  What I look for is credibility when it comes to the apollo programs.  Here we have a German company, associated with Vodafone, Nokia and the car maker Audi, who are going to land a craft on the Moon and then deploy two camera robotic rovers. FANTASTIC! That’s what I first thought.

But then I read on and saw that SpaceX was involved. Now SpaceX is so close to NASA that they share an umbilical cord. Then I saw that the rocket will be launched from Cape Kennedy, sorry Cape Canaveral** And who owns this rocket launching facility? Yes you guessed it right. NASA.

So this mission is going to land, deploy and photograph the Apollo 17 moon rover. Are you sure? Yes that’s what they said. Well sorry but I cannot take it seriously. There are some people who believe that the only actual Moon landing was Apollo 17. However, I have found issue with not only the photography and the size of the so called mountains but with the extraction of the astronauts as well. So please forgive me if I smell a rat.

Above is a photo of Mt Wellington Hobart Tasmania. It is a 4,000′ high mountain. And it looks the part eh!

In the bottom middle I have thrown an image of Apollo 17 astronaut, vehicle and LEM on the Moon in front of  one of the Massifs.  This one is 7,000′ high and ~17 kilometers long. By placing the apollo 17 image so that the LEM is higher than a car but no too much, we can see how ridiculous the whole affair is.  A 17,000′ mountain, even with a photograph taken at the street elevel of South Hobart Tasmania, would be so huge it would not fit in the image. This spot in South Hobart is about 9 kilometers from the mountain.

Really there are no photos reportedly taken on the Moon by astronauts that can be said to have any credibility. I am going to refer you now to a website that explains the Massif problem very well:

*Heading from ABC Online.

**Seems like the people of the area didn’t want the Cape renamed after their slaine president. Go figure!

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