The C Rock

C Rock or not to Rock…

The image above is from the Apollo 16 moon mission. The subject in question is the large rock adjacent to a small tripod. In this image there is no C shown on the rock. However, the C was first seen decades ago and it is only recently that NASA has admitted to altering the image. They state that the C was human hair that was attached to the negative. If that were so: WHY DIDN’T THEY SHOW A PHOTGRAPH OF THE HAIR STUCK TO THE NEGITIVE?

In altering the photograph by either airbrushing the C out, or, by reprinting the original image without any hair stuck to the film or lens of the enlarger, they have altered history. It does not matter how the C ended up in the photograph. That fact that it was there is a part of history and it should have remained as a photograph alongside the reworked image.

So if NASA has no qualms in altering history today then surely they would have misrepresented history during the Cold War.

This image is a closeup of the C rock, now erased from history by NASA.  There is another C on the ground (look carefully) near the tiny mound close to the shadow of the C rock. Both are clearly pressed Cs, one into the moulded rock and the other into the fake ground.