The Rusty Pipe

The Rust Pipe: Is this the Smoking Gun that Proves an Apollo Conspiracy? 

In this photograph of Buz Aldrin is carrying experiment boxes to ‘somewhere’, you will be able to see in the lower left corner an image that surely is a rusty old pipe proturding out of the ‘Lunar’  Regolith.

Is that a rusty old pipe stuck in the dirt?  How can that be? 

Actual Image title: AS11-40-5943HR.jpg NASA

Here is the pipe in a closeup. There appears to be other metal near it folded forward.

And again in this extra close closeup. What else could it be, given that they are supose to be on the Moon!

Here I have outlined the shape.

And incase there are those who will say I put the pipe there, look at the image below is still on the NASA server.

Image cut from

Now check the first image again HERE at a larger size. I have marked more anomalies.

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